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Have a question about Astronox? You probably can find an answer here!



Q: What should I expect at Astronox?

Over 45 hours of downtempo, experimental, and cinematic electronica from several different countries such as sydub, bass music, psybient, house, techno, trance, psytrance, vaporwave, drum n bass, glitch, trip-hop, and much more — Astronox is one of the only festivals in the South which covers such a wide diversity of underground electronic genres, and we are very passionate about growing this scene and culture

• One of the best sound systems you have ever heard (Im not joking)

• A handmade cyberpunk stage that utilizes live, advanced projection mapping

• Live VJ sets to every nightime performance with stunning, custom-made visuals

• A wide assortment of captivating art installations for your Instagram selfies

• A beautiful land, Apache Pass, surrounded by trees, plants, and plenty of nature

• A gorgeous art gallery featuring over 30 live painters

• Workshops across a wide variety of interesting topics taught by experts and enthusiasts

• A surreal circus of costumed performers such as stilt walkers, mermaids, and aerialists

• A professional fire circle with choreographed performances

• Over 20 food and craft vendors with clothing, jewelry, and much more, with vegan options

• Tournaments, such as Super Smash Bros and Magic the Gathering, with prizes

• A tea lounge with guided tea pouring from passionate experts

• A video game area with VR on a variety of different games including RPG, action, and horror

• The stage turns into a movie area around 4AM

• An amazing, open-minded community that welcomes all into this scene

• I’m probably forgetting a few things, buts it’s 5AM and I’m going to sleep

Q: What are the gate hours?

A: Gates open Thursday at 4PM and close at 2AM. Gates open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10AM and close at 2AM. Everyone must please be off property by 6PM Monday. We have very annoying synthesizers, and wewill follow you around until you leave if you stay longer.

Q: Is there re-entry?

A: Yes! You can Leave and Re-Enter for no charge. But be sure to follow the gate hours!

Q: Where are the trash cans?

A: Astronox has *a few* trash cans that you are most welcome to use, but we are very serious about our “Leave no Trace” policy. Pack it in; Pack it out. Please take your trash back out with you. We will offer FREE trash bags at the gate for those who need them! Don’t forget about our trash contest!


Q: What is the “trash contest”?

A: For every bag of trash you haul out when you leave, we will give you a raffle ticket. We will do a random drawing at the end of the event and pick winners who will get free merch, discounts, and even a ticket to the next festival!


Q: Are there showers?

A: Yes, we have Showers for FREE! Please watch out for the giant spider-scorpion hybrids; we sent an exterminator to the shower rooms, but he mysteriously vanished.


Q: Is there drinkable water?

A: Yes, we have water for FREE! Please bring your own reusable bottle.


Q: Are there bathrooms?

A: Yes, we have plenty of bathrooms around the camp area, the stage, and vendors.

Q: How big is Astronox?

A: Astronox takes place at the Southern side of Apache Pass in an area of approximately 0.35 square miles.


Q: Does Astronox support ADA?

A: Yes! You can get around on a wheelchair as Apache Pass is almost entirely flat, mowed, and there are plenty of wide paths and gravel roads. We have ADA restrooms as well.


Q: What sound system does Astronox use?

A: We are very proud to be using Intent Audio. We are audiophiles who host events for other audiophiles. Be careful when you ask us why we like Intent so much, we won’t stop talking.

Q: Are there food vendors?

A: Yes! We will have a wide variety of food vendors, some practically open 24/7, and we have vegan options too.

Q: What do I do if there is an emergency?

A: Thanks to RestPit, we have professionally trained harm-reduction staff who are happy to help! Just come by to the large yellow tent, which is very easy to see from the entire property, and we will assist however we can. RestPit / Security is available 24/7.


Q: What do I need to enter?

A: A ticket and an ID! If someone else bought your ticket, show it to us on your phone or printed out. A legal guardian is required for anyone under 18. If you are bringing an RV, please purchase an RV pass with or without hookups.


Q: Will there be Day Passes?

A: If we don’t sell out, we will have 2-day passes available only at the gate for $180 (after tax). Please remember: Astronox is capped to 1000 people, so you may wish to grab a ticket now online to reserve your spot!

Q: Will tickets be available at the gate?

A: Yes, if we don’t sell out. Cash, Card, Venmo, Your First Born, and Paypal is accepted.

Q: Are Tickets Refundable?

A: This is a small grassroots event funded by just the owner. We use ticket money to pay for everything in advanced and therefore are unable to offer refunds at this time. We do, however, happily approve any ticket-selling posts you create on the Astronox Family Facebook Group! It is fairly easy to sell your tickets there, especially closer to the event.

Q: Is alcohol allowed?

A: Yes, Astronox is BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) for FREE! We do not sell alcohol on-site. Please do not bring glass.

Q: Can I bring kids?

A: Absolutely! We love kids and pride ourselves in being a family-friendly event. Kids 12 and under are FREE!

Q: Can I bring my pets?

A: No, please leave your cute fur babies at home. They are a logistical issue for our staff, and some people are allergic.

Q: Can I bring firearms?

A: No, this is a family-friendly private party, and we do not want firearms entering our home. Security will be happy to hold your rocket launchers until you leave.


Q: Where do I park?

A: When you arrive, we will get you checked-in and guide you down a short 30 second road to the left. There, parking staff will get you parked.

Q: How much is parking?

A: Parking is FREE! If you have an RV, we do require you purchase an RV pass, due to the size, either with or without hookups depending on your preference.

Q: Where do I camp?

A: Camping is where parking is. Please do not camp or park anywhere other than the designated area.

Q: How much is camping?

A: Camping is FREE! If you would like us to setup a campsite for you, we offer Tents and Yurts!

Q: Tell me about those Tents and Yurts

A: Astronox now has Tents and Yurts for small/medium groups of 2-5 people. This is especially great for those coming from out of town. Thanks to Habitat Camping, each comes with 2 beds with blankets / pillows, two chairs, and a cooler. Tents and Yurts are available on the ticketing page. See them here.

Q: Can I camp next to my car or in my car?

A: Yes, for FREE! When we park you, we will give you plenty of room to setup a single tent / 10x10 canopy. If camping with friends, we highly encourage you to arrive at the same time.


Q: What merch do you have?

A: There will be a pop-up merch booth at the festival starting Friday at Noon. These goods sell out FAST, so prepare and arrive early. Shirt designs will be announced shortly!


Q: Where is the Schedule?

A: We will post the music schedule at least a month before the event, usually sooner, on our Facebook, Instagram, and here on the Astronox Website. This will be available very soon!


Q: Can I sell my prints, pins, or other cool things I have?

A: No. Please respect our vendors, as they put in a lot of work to officially vend at our festival. If you wish to sign up as a vendor, you can do so at our “Get Involved” page on the Astronox website!


Q: What are the main rules?


  • Leave no Trace. (Pack it in, pack it out. don't forget the trash contest!)

  • No pets, glass, firearms, or illegal items. (Especially no pets wielding illegal glass firearms)

  • No megaphones. (We will melt them inside a freaking volcano)

  • No sound camps. (This will result in possible ban / ejection from the property)

  • Be awesome to yourself and everyone around you! (we will launch the haters our of a cannon into the sun)

  • Always bring a copy of superman #1 to any event you attend. (I wonder if anyone reads this far?)

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